Spanish Club

By Adela Kessler

A number of middle schoolers participate in the Holy Redeemer Spanish club. This club is reserved for middle schoolers. It teaches new cultures, and makes students want to participate rather than waiting at home. The club leader, Colleen Cox, has the club meetings every Tuesday morning at 7:30. Most people in the club say it’s really fun, and they want to participate in it again. “Last year, around 15 students joined, this year 25!” Cox said. One of the things they love is going to many interesting and enjoyable places. “The way I would explain the Spanish club is, enthusiastic students that are willing to get up early, sharing Duolingo scores, and going out in the world to learn Spanish,” Cox explains. Most have gone to Spanish churches, Mexican or Spanish restaurants, and museums dedicated to Spanish culture. “I love that we can use Spanish in our lives, that’s fun. And we get to eat food!” Cox said.

Computer Club

By Jack Keaveny

Computer Club, one of the newest clubs at Holy Redeemer, is created and led by our prodigy seventh grader, Finn Rose. Michelle Hayes, the computer teacher at Holy Redeemer, is the advisor for the club. The club takes place every other Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. Sign ups are accepted at any time, but only middle schoolers are accepted. 3D printing, soldering, disassembling devices, and other fun and active activities are common practices in Computer Club with occasional cookies made by the leader himself.

The Team Who Makes Things Green

By Kennedy Tolle

The Green Machines Club has been working to refresh the area and go back to the basics.  They have done several talks with the students at Holy Redeemer School about what they can do as a group and what can be done individually. “This way everyone is able to pack a good lunch and compost correctly,” says Mrs. Jamie Hasemeier. She has been working as the Leader of Green Machines for 10 years after her family moved from Chicago in 2013. They had a Green Machines Club in their school back in Chicago and started one at Holy Redeemer almost right away. 

April is known as Earth Month, a time to show our gratitude for the Earth. Earth Day is April 22, and some of the group members are thinking of planting a tree to show appreciation for the earth. Hasemeier thinks this would be a good thing for Holy Redeemer School. “Every person has a chance to make a difference to take care of the Earth.”

Bellarmine Speech

By Mimi Sadlo

One of the clubs at Holy Redeemer School is Bellarmine Speech Club. The club is led by Ms. McGrath, Mr. Dempsey, and  Ms. Dougherty, teachers at Holy Redeemer. All middle schoolers can join at any point during the school year.

There are different requirements, depending on if it is a regular meet, or the finals. They can send one humorous, one duet, and one serious speech to the final meet. “The rest of the year, you can send three of each,” says Ms. McGrath.

There are rules for the speech meets, such as what is considered a speech, how long a speech must be, and what types of speeches you can perform. “It can be a children’s book or a poem, it just has to be something that’s published. When performed, it must be two to seven minutes long.” McGrath says.

There are four speech meets each year, including the finals. This year, about fifteen members participated in two of the speech meets. “Everybody received ribbons who went last time. There were lots of gold ribbons at the last speech meet.” McGrath said. “In a regular speech meet, there’s a red ribbon, which is the lowest ribbon you can get, then a blue ribbon that’s second place, and gold is first.” Molly Rose said. In the finals, three people received a second place metal.

The Write Club To Join

By Finn Rose

The newest club at Holy Redeemer, The Holy Redeemer Gazette, commonly nicknamed Newspaper Club, was reinstated by Finn Rose in February of this year after it was discontinued several years ago by now-retired English teacher Mrs. Teresa Martz. At the weekly meetings on Tuesdays, writers, photographers, editors, and illustrators work to create the monthly edition of The Holy Redeemer Gazette. All Holy Redeemer middle school students interested in reporting, photography, and journalism are encouraged to talk to Editor-in-Chief Finn Rose to join. The publication features news about the Holy Redeemer parish and school, including sports, activities, events, clubs, illustrations, and profiles.

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