Fine Arts Night

Spring has sprung and art is blooming. Fine Arts Night for the 2022-2023 school year occurred on May 3, 2023. Fine Arts Night occurs every year to display the art created in school by Holy Redeemer students.

Mr. Treu, the music teacher at Holy Redeemer, is in charge of what songs will be presented by the school choir at Fine Arts Night. Ms. McGrath and Mr. Dempsey are the leaders of the Bellarmine Speech club and allow students to perform their speeches on stage. Ms. Hawksley, the art teacher at Holy Redeemer, sets up Fine Arts Night by hanging up all of the artwork made by students.

Something many people like about Fine Arts Night is that students have a role in choosing what is presented. They get to choose a couple of projects that they think they did the best on. “I let the children choose their favorite project of the year,” said Hawksley. Something that the students like about Fine Arts Night is that their parents can see what they’ve done throughout the year. “I like that the parents get a chance to see their children’s work that they’re so proud of displayed to the school,” Hawksley said.

This year at Fine Arts Night, there were a few songs in Spanish, but the majority of the songs were sung by the choir in English. Señora Cox says “I like that students get to showcase their talents in the arts and not just in sports,” said Señora Cox. 1st grade sang “Bestitos,” and the 4th and 5th grades sang “La Bamba.”

A particular feature of Fine Arts Night is that near the cafeteria there is a miniature book fair, with books for students of all ages, pens, bookmarks, erasers, posters, pencil toppers, diaries, and even some toys as well. Most of the books are available on Accelerated Reader, which is a website that you can take quizzes of books on. Students were allowed to visit the book fair before and after school.

Many students get to participate in this event. “I performed my speech with Lily Tolle called ‘Sister You’re Crazy’,” said Caroline Satchell, a student at Holy Redeemer. Fine Arts Night is held every year, so for those who didn’t get a chance to see it this year, they can come see it next year.

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