Holy Redeemer players opt for “B” team basketball

Tryouts have concluded and the basketball season will begin soon. This year, seven of the seventh grade girls tried out, meaning anyone who tried out automatically made the “A” team. Many people agree that basketball is a great sport, but not everyone wants to play on a competitive team.

Some players were previously on the “A”  team have since decided to join the “B” team because they wanted to have fun with the sport and be less competitive. Some people don’t try out because basketball can be pretty intense and they don’t want to play competitively. Catelyn Wazlawek states “I don’t want to go on the ‘A’ team because the ‘A’ team is very competitive and the ‘B’ team is just better for me because I play basketball for fun.” There are other people who feel the same way.

Mimi Sadlo
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