Holy Redeemer Gazette holds first fundraiser

The Holy Redeemer Gazette held a bake sale, in which they sold delicious treats to crowds of people. It was a huge success! The bake sale was on October 15, 2023, after Sunday mass at 11 a.m. The sale took place right outside Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. There they had some tables lined up where the Holy Redeemer Gazette staff sold a huge variety of treats. The Holy Redeemer Gazette was able to meet their goal thanks to their generous customers. The club is hoping to establish yet another fundraiser, so keep your eyes peeled!

This bake sale took a lot of work. The staff members had to bake the treats to be sold, set up the area to sell them, and then sell the treats. The sale was a huge benefit for the club. The Holy Redeemer Gazette staff thanks all of those who contributed to this fundraiser!

Emma Wilson
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