The book fair is back!

Look at the books, the shelves of wonder, books about cooks, and readers who hunger. Once a year, Holy Redeemer holds a book fair outside the library on the second floor. This year’s book fair takes place from November 13-20th, and the theme is outer space. There are stars and comets, astronauts and planets. The people who came up with the designing and planning are Stephanie Heavey, Lisa Noakes, Debbie Lindh, and Connie O’Connell. They hang up the spirals, set up the fliers, shelves, tables, decorations and more. 

Every year, there is a breakfast for students grades preschool to third grade called the K.I.S.S. (kids invite someone special) breakfast. The kids make a craft with their special person. The students loved the breakfast, which consisted of donuts, fruit, and juice. Fourth grade through eighth grade had doughnuts delivered to their classrooms.

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