How to Draw Fictional Cartoon Creatures

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a whimsical cartoon creature? Well, your dreams can become reality! In the next simple eight steps, you will learn how to create an amazing masterpiece. Whether you want it to be beautiful or cute, scary or sweet, this will be very helpful to you. Here are the steps:

  1. First, draw a random shape or object.
  2. Next, add a face onto your shape/object.
  3. Make sure to put on any distinguishing facial features, so it shows more character.
  4. Then, draw the legs (this can be optional, depending on what you want your creature to be).
  5. After that, throw on some arms (this, again, is optional).
  6. Then, add any preferred additional details.
  7. Finally, color in.
  8. Enjoy your amazing drawing!

Now you know how to draw cartoon creatures! It’s alright if you can’t get it right away, you just need to practice! Work really will pay off, because drawing humorous creatures is a wonderful skill. 

Emma Wilson
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Katie Keaveny
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