Growing Pear-fect Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

Do you want a new, fun, and just berry good hobby? Then gardening may be you! All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Choose your delicious plants. As you do, make sure you and your family will love them. Also make note of if Missouri’s environment allows those plants to be grown.
  2. Choose a spot that fits the amount of sun needed for the plants.
  3. Check your soil before planting, so you know it’s a great place to grow fruits and vegetables. If you see them, take out weeds. Make the soil perfect by fertilizing it with compost. You must make sure your garden is ready!
  4. Plant the seeds by digging a small hole and putting the gently seeds in.
  5. Make sure your growing crops are well-watered, especially during a dry season.
  6. Keep a good eye on your plants. Watch out for weeds, parasites, and animals wanting a snack.
  7. When your yummy crops are ready, harvest, harvest, harvest! As you do so, make sure that you are careful with your fruits and vegetables. You don’t want to smash or snap them.

That’s all you need to know on growing un-beet-able gardens! Enjoy your tasty plants.

Emma Wilson
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