A Writer for Thousands

As the editor-in-chief and a journalist for the Webster-Kirkwood Times, Jaime Mowers writes, edits, and manages this local newspaper as a full-time job to inform tens of thousands of people in St. Louis. The Webster-Kirkwood Times was founded in 1978, and Mowers has been working for the Webster-Kirkwood Times for more than a decade with a passion for writing in her heart. She works hard to make spectacular stories for people who are longing to know what’s happening inside and outside their communities. “I chose this career because I love to write, but even more I love to tell stories,” Mowers explains. 

Both the Holy Redeemer Gazette and the Webster-Kirkwood Times are incredibly important to the community. The Webster-Kirkwood Times informs those interested in the demeanor of our town, while the Holy Redeemer Gazette informs the Holy Redeemer parish and families. She has worked for 3 newspapers before joining the Webster-Kirkwood Times and used to write thousands of articles per year. After taking on the role of one of the owners of the Times, she has moved on to writing fewer articles, and is more focused on managing the Times. 

Mowers never had a goal of becoming a reporter as a child, finding her true passion when she was in college. She then embraced her true potential and joined the newspapers that were calling her. “Everyone has a story,” states Mowers, “and it’s our job to tell it.”

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