All Things Stuco

‘Like a good neighbor, Stuco is there.’

Student Council has been working hard this year! From the election at the beginning of the school year, to the pep rally in early February, Student Council has been having a good year.

Student Council meets two Wednesdays a month in room 302, and has productive meetings, where they have snacks, have discussions about future ideas for the school, and count up money if they recently held a raffle. Stuco has done many things this school year that bring happiness and excitement. They have held a veteran’s mass, a pep rally, a Leprechaun hunt, a Squishmallow raffle, and much more! Student Council helps keep the school organized and at top spirit. That’s why Stuco is an important part of the Holy Redeemer school and parish, like when they hold special masses.

One of the staff advisors for Student Council is Mrs. Debby Koulouriotis. Koulouriotis says that Stuco used to include grades kindergarten to 8th grade, but when the pandemic came around, it was changed to 4th to 8th graders. The meetings have been more productive with less people around. Koulouriotis says that Stuco has a few things they need to improve for next school year, but that they are doing very well. “I hope that Stuco makes students that are responsible and active members of the Holy Redeemer community,” said Koulouriotis.

Danielle Zeigler
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