Friday Night Basketball

Each Friday night, many adults go to the Holy Redeemer gym and challenge themselves to play basketball. Here in the gym, the group forms teams to compete against each other in a fun way, knowing that they are here for enjoyment and not for competition. 

Friday Night Basketball started in 1994 when Dr. Andy White and a group of his friends (all doctors or pediatricians) got together to play basketball every Friday Night. They played at a park in the afternoon. But one day when they were playing at the park, their hoop broke. Some people in the group suggested that they play basketball at the Holy Redeemer gym, where they coached basketball. Friday night basketball at Holy Redeemer was on. 

Their goal is to have fun and stay active. They referee their own plays and only sometimes end up in arguments. “But we all realize that we aren’t being paid to play basketball, we are just having fun” says White. The players’ worst injuries are dislocated fingers and ACL tears, while the not so threatening ones were bloody noses and bruises. The injuries weren’t fatal and quickly healed.

After playing, a part of the group would stop by Cyrano’s. The waiters and waitresses knew them so well that they play the music the group liked, serve their favorite foods, and give them their favorite beverages without the group asking asking. They are known as the “basketball guys.” White said how he noticed all the people who worked there change. He says he also noticed that the people he played with change too. 

“My favorite part of Friday night basketball is that it has friendship, fellowship, and competition.” says White. He gets to meet new people, even including a pointguard for Ohio State who came up to play basketball!  The purpose of Friday Night basketball is to meet new people and keep people physical and healthy. The teammates get along well and wish that others will start to play along with them too.

Emma Wilson
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