Holy Redeemer CYC vs. Club Sports

Holy Redeemer offers CYC sports as an opportunity for kids to enjoy a new sport, or a sport they have already experienced. CYC is operated entirely by volunteers, most of which are parents of CYC athletes, who all have jobs and contribute to make it run smoothly. CYC sports have true seasons that span 8 to 12 weeks. The sports offered include soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, track, golf and chess. 

Club sports provide an environment that is more competitive and challenging for kids who are invested in bettering their skills. Club sports cost depends on the level, but you will also have to pay for equipment and registration fees. Competitive sports go beyond the normal CYC sports season and are played nearly all year round. Unlike CYC, club sports have dedicated coaches that are paid for their training and have been trained in the sport as well. 

The task of keeping up with both club and CYC is challenging, and the schedules may interfere. Players have to prioritze their schedules, often choosing the club sport due to the financial investment and commitment to the team. Playing both CYC and club sports are demanding yet rewarding as it allows you to experience the sport that you love and bond with teammates who share your same passion. 

Timmy Phillips
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