STUCO starts the school year

At Holy Redeemer, Student Council is designed to organize events and let the school know about them. STUCO is composed of 2 representatives from each class and executive positions including president, vice president, and treasurer. They each have specified roles and are expected to carry them out to the best of their ability. The class representatives do not have as much power as the officers but are essential. They relay information to and from their classrooms about upcoming school events. The meetings take place once a month in room 302. The moderators of STUCO are Lauren Poelker, Jen McGrath and Terry Hawksley.

The officers, such as the vice president and president, launch their campaigns in August and the election results are announced on the last day of school. The officers are expected to make a poster and a short speech as tools for their campaign. The class representatives are expected to deliver a more concise speech. Class representatives give their speeches in early September and the representatives are announced to the whole school in late September. The elections start with the students informing the teachers that they are interested in running for STUCO elections. This includes what they will do for their class and how they will contribute their class ideas to meetings.

The speeches are presented at a time selected by the teacher and the students are encouraged to consider the quality of the speech when they vote for their favorite representatives. The actual voting process takes place after the speeches. The voting is administered through a Google Form and students are required to choose two representatives. The teacher will then inform the students of the election results after the voting. Then, in late September, the vice president and president go over the intercom and announce the newly elected class representatives. The first meeting is usually several weeks after the election. Student Council looks forward to another positive school year.

Ethan Heavey
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