From the classroom to the stage: HR holds annual talent show

On March 7th, Holy Redeemer held its annual talent show. Holy Redeemer’s music teacher, Jack Treu, stated that he is proud of acts “showing commitment and showing emotions appropriately.” He also said he was excited for people to see these acts.

The talent show started with middle school English and Social Studies teacher Richard Dempsey, the announcer, opening with a prayer. Then, the show started with a group of 3 siblings performing an Irish song. After a few wonderful performances, Dempsey and Shae Daly performed Water Song, with Dempsey playing guitar and Daly playing bass. As Dempsey said, a bassist comes once in a lifetime.

And then came the silly acts. A notable silly act was Sophia Garrett and Avery Greco in “Augustus Gloop.” This act had impressive choreography that wowed the audience.

Then, to close the talent show, “The Duck Christmas Song” performed by Will Birner, Joe Geiss, Charlie Lindh, and Luke Sebek amazed the audience. It had become a tradition for the Holy Redeemer talent show that a group of people always perform the Duck Song.

Once the act concluded, Steve, Rosie and Jack wrapped up the show. The show ended with a closing prayer. Treu had a tremendously satisfactory expression as the show concluded.

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